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The Gap Year; A Leap Of Faith

The “gap year” is in the news, thanks to Malia Obama’s announced decision to take a year off before she begins studies at Harvard. The number of students who elect to take a gap year has steadily grown here in the US, but it has long been common practice in places... read more

How Much Testing Is Too Much?

A whirlwind of facts, research data, opinions and arguments has developed around testing practices in our schools. The headlines “Nationwide Test Shows Dip in Students’ Math Abilities,” and “Study: Kids Take 100-Plus Required Tests Through 12th Grade,” add fuel to the... read more

Good Sports

”She’s a good sport.” It’s something you might say about a person who makes the best of a bad situation, a person who works well with others, or someone who believes in fair play. Not surprisingly, these qualities and other important psychosocial developments in young... read more

A Pain in the Backpack

It is time to take a load off. Several years have passed since we first heard warnings about the effects of heavy, incorrectly adjusted backpacks on young spines. Studies have shown that about 90% of kids worldwide carry backpacks. A child’s rapidly developing spine... read more

Teenage Summer Reflections

Summer is almost over and for a teenager it has probably gone one of three ways. For some, an apparently growing number, summer has been filled with a checklist of college resumé building experiences. Full or part-time internships; summer classes to prepare for... read more

An Axis of Education

After several decades of teaching science at Dana Hall School for Girls in Wellesley, MA, I have come to realize some basic truths about education in America. To be successful as an educator in a girls’ school, I had to overcome the obstacles to learning science that... read more